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Designing creative and intuitive websites

Graatieus is a freelance internet agency situated in the Netherlands. I design and develop websites that will help your business. With 10+ years of experience, I have the appropriate skills to provide your company with a sleek and professional website.

nice to meet you

Hello! I'm Joris

Since 2012 I have been designing and developing websites. I gain a lot of energy from websites that are intuitive, easy to use and well thought out. In addition, I like to spend time on details that really contribute something. Together we can determine what is needed for your new website. Together, because you don't come up with a good website alone.

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What I do everyday

How I work

1. First meeting

Together we collect the essential requirements for the new website. Next, I compose a proposal with the expected planning & costs.

2. Design

After the first meeting I design a new homepage based on the requirements. Once the design has been approved, I will start developing.

3. Development

The design is now converted to a clickable website that is linked to WordPress. This will allow you to add and change content yourself. Really easy!

4. Test environment & launch

Once the website has been developed, it is installed in a test environment. You can add all the content in this test environment. As soon as everything is added in the right place, the website will be launched!

5. Maintenance

Once the website has been launched, it will need to be well maintained through updates & backups. This way, the website remains secure and can continue to function in the known browsers. The maintenance contract has been created for this purpose.

6. Further development

A website is a journey, not a destination... Trends and evolutions move very fast in the world of web. Optionally, we decide which improvements and additions could give the website a boost in the future.